Large Size Boba Fett with Firing Rockets and Electronics: In this photo lies one awesome revelation.  Think for a second how the small rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure has always represented the pinnacle of Star Wars collecting (for better or worse).  Now take that thought and apply it to a rocket firing version about 3 times the size of the smaller one.  Whether the items in this photograph still exist is a mystery, but the knowledge of that they were ever around at all is exciting.

For some time, collectors may have been aware that the large size Boba Fett was planned to have many extra features that never made it to production.  A spec sheet describing these extra features can be seen here. The description on this early spec sheet reveals plans for a shooting rocket, electronic features and firing darts. This photograph provides evidence that these features were planned much farther along in the process than previously thought.  It shows that not only were these features incorporated into an unproduced version of the doll, but also incorporated into the packaging design.

This photo of that box is interesting in several ways. First, simply as a Kenner file photo, it offers invaluable insight into what was planned, how it was planned and how things progressed in the different preproduction phases involved in bringing a product to eager fans. One particularly neat thing about this photo to me is that it shows an often used prop in Kenner file photos, a Cincinnati Bell phone book.  It is seen in the image above on the left.

Quirky details aside, the significance of this file photo lies in its primary subject.  While it's one thing to see a spec sheet or even an early doll with these features, it's quite another to actually see the early packaging.  Here is a photo of the production box, courtesy of James Boryla, followed by close ups of the early mock-up box:

This is the production box, provided for comparison purposes.

Although it's somewhat difficult to tell from this photo, most all elements besides the "Star Wars" logo, bars and Kenner logo, appear to be pasted on.  This is especially clear in the text sections. The warning on the right is especially interesting.

The graphics for Fett are noteworthy because the fireball portion of the artwork is different from not only the production large size box, but also from the production small action figure cardback and an early Toy Fair carded example.  There is also no text in the fireball in this example, where the production version had little notes about the Fett character.

This description of contents is the key portion of the box mockup.  The notable details are 2 spring fired rockets, spring-launched arm dart weapon and LED lights in chest plate.  Again, photos of these features can be seen in a seperate entry for the unproduced large size Boba Fett doll shown in this photo.

Description: John Wooten
Photo: Kenner File Photography
From the collection of Anonymous