Early Bird Certificate Package Box Flat: Unused packaging samples, or "flats," aren't easy to find for any early Star Wars action figure item, let alone the earliest Star Wars figure item of them all. Obviously, I'm talking about the Early Bird Certificate Package, the "empty box" that Kenner convinced the parents of thousands of kids to buy for Christmas of 1977 in lew of actual toys. What you see here is an unused example of the envelope that the Early Bird material came in.

Here's the back, showing the never-used flap that was meant to seal the package closed.

Personally, I think the graphics on this product represent some of the finest art Kenner used on a Star Wars product. This is definitely an attractive, not to mention rare, Kenner item.

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Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Brennan Swain
From the collection of Brennan Swain