Cromalin for Micro Collection Hoth Generator Attack Box: This is a cromalin print of the box for the Hoth Generator Attack playset. As you can see, the entire unfolded box is printed on this one sheet.

Some of the interesting things about this piece are the markups, scribbled in marker to suggest modifications. Here you see a closeup of one of them. It indicates that the title Scout Walker should be replaced with a generic title. I'm assuming this means they wanted it changed to something like plastic toy vehicle. Oddly, this change was never made; it's referred to as Scout Walker on the production box.

Finally, here is the sign-off tag, which provided a spot on which the identities of the people who had reviewed this version of the prototype could be recorded.

The original photoart that served as the masters for the images on this cromalin can be seen here.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Mike Mensinger
From the collection of Mike Mensinger