Mike O'Reilley

Ok fellow Star Wars Fans don't black list me just yet. Before I got my Death Star playset I had the Star Trek "Gamma V Playset" from MEGO. Even then I had no idea it was from the Star Trek realm. Funny enough, I have no idea who gave it to me and I still have it!!! Keep in mind it is kept in a seperate room far far away from any Star Wars stuff. :o). If it's any consolation my cat Nikki enjoyed it! He made a nice Bantha.

No more Gamma V playset!!! I have no idea what possessed me to bring the whole Death Star playset and 2 ships to my cousin Laura's house. (Laura is just right of me) Her Sister, my other cousin, Valerie, (far right) bought me a Tusken Raider at Walgreens after I bugged the heck out of her. I told her I still needed him to complete the set even though the real reason was I lost the Ghaffi stick! To this day, I bet you there are some Stormtrooper rifles still up in that attic.

Halloween 1978. For some reason I didn't like the plastic costumes so my Mom made me a Luke Skywalker outfit complete with belt, laser pistol, robe, boots and yes......a lightsabre!!! The lightsabre was an old pirate sword that my Mom put glow in the dark tape on to give it the "power of the force". How cool!!! On the right is my best bud Adrian who I am still friends with to this day. We still have no idea who or what he was. :o)

Xmas morning 1978. Do I still have my Luke outfit on??? With my Granny looking on I got the Falcon and yet another bad shirt! Man the 70's were just a fashion nightmare. The great thing about Xmas back then is that you could always tell by the shape of the box what Star Wars toy you were going to get. Note the smirk....I knew it! Wait a minute.....2 Falcons?

Picasso? No. Mustard stain? No. A finger painting rendition of the Death Star trench battle. My mom wrote on this masterpiece, "Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker ships fighting each other STAR WARS." I was hoping George would include it in his "Art of Star Wars Tour", then I woke up.

Wow!!! Could it really be Darth Vader and Chewbacca??? Back in '79 I found myself back at Randhurst shopping mall to meet Vader and Chewy!!!. Well, by the look on my 7 year old face you could tell that I didn't buy it. Plus Vader had ski gloves on and a brown squirt gun on his belt! What a gip. The only cool thing was the custom painted Chevy van (seen as our back drop). The autograph is more classic now than it was 20+ years ago. David Prowse is Lord Vader? I think not.

Easter '81. Speaking of fashion nightmare!!! Gotta love the bed spread and pillow cases. I look like a pack of Fruit Stripe gum.

Here they are 20+ years later. My original 3 and my original Fett. Fett saw alot of action back in the late 70's and early 80's. He has slaughtered many an action figure from the GI Joe realm to Legos to Fisher Price people. To this day he's my favorite figure and has the scars to prove it.

Standing in awe at the "Art of Star Wars" in San Francisco. "How do I get this into my car?"