The Tree of The Force: This beautiful "Tree of the Force" was presented by the Star Wars Fan Club of Toluca to a few select guests of the 1st and 2nd Mexican Star Wars Convention (about one dozen of thes trees are known to exit). The tree (created by artist Raul Rubio of the Toluca Star Wars Fan Club) is based on a traditional handicraft that is particular to Metepec. The Tree of Life, from which this is based, usually has biblical symbols inspired by the Garden of Eden.

The Tree of the Force has the basic elements of the traditional Tree of Life, except with ceramic Star Wars characters. The Dark Side on the left, and the good side on the right (note C-3P0 is on the Dark Side as you'd expect). Darth Vader is on the top in the center to symbolize bringing balance to the Force.

This card describes the tradition of the Tree of Life and explains the Star Wars elements in this exquisite Tree of the Force.

Artwork by: Raul Rubio
Description: Toluca Star Wars Fan Club and Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of Gus Lopez