1982 Toy Fair Breakfast Giveaway: Wood Base

This item was created by the Engineering Model Shop at Kenner as a giveaway for the Toy Fair Breakfast in 1982. The Micro Collection was a big deal this year so it was pretty appropriate to incorporate this line into the giveaway. The micro size was quite fitting to a small award like this so Luke and Darth were assembled in a classic dueling stance on top.

The annual breakfast was held approximately one month after Toy Fair. In this case it was on March 20, 1982. For this event, Kenner generally invited all of its employees to an outside location capable of holding a large group of people. The breakfast was a chance to prep all of the employees on what would be hot and how the upcoming year looked, business-wise. The results of how their products did at Toy Fair was key to what they would be concentrating on producing for the year.

The base on this piece is made of wood. The folks in the model shop only made a small amount of the wood versions before creating a mold to make the rest out of plastic. The wording on the plate was slightly altered since this earlier phrase didn't quite tie in the relationship between Kenner and its employees.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Chris Georgoulias
From the collection of Chris Georgoulias