Super Channel Star Wars Plaque: Launched in Edmonton, Alberta on February 1, 1983, Super Channel fast became the top pay TV provider in Western Canada and part of their initial success was largely due to Star Wars. When Super Channel was first launched, Star Wars: A New Hope was their flagship movie title; it was the first movie aired and was aired many times following giving subscribing Canadians an opportunity to repeatedly view the first installment of the original trilogy at a time when home VCRs were few and far between.

In 1993, to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Super Channel, the company issued several wood plaques adorned with both the Super Channel and (a rather crude rendering of) the Star Wars logo to the staff members who had stayed onboard for the companyUs 10-year span. Approximately 20 of the plaques were made and around 15 were issued to both employees and managers. This plaque is not only an interesting and obscure piece of unlicensed Star Wars memorabilia but of Canadian broadcasting history as well.

In 2001, Super Channel was bought out by the Corus Entertainment group and re-launched as Movie Central. There are still a few original Super Channel members working for Movie Central and some of their plaques are still hanging on office walls. To my knowledge this is the only plaque to have made it to the secondary market.

Description: Shane Turgeon
Photo: Shane Turgeon
From the collection of Shane Turgeon