Collectibles from the First Star Wars Collector's Convention in Mexico: Here's a set of very cool exclusive collectibles from the first Star Wars Collector's convention held in Mexico City, Mexico in July 2003. Right off the bat, the first thing one notices is the use of the Kenner Power of the Force logo as seen in this convention poster.

The 10 convention badges (only 8 shown here) also feature the POTF logo and each one has a vintage Star Wars figure representing a different badge type.

The convention program was perhaps the highest quality program ever produced for a Star Wars convention. Inside it had extensive articles about Lili Ledy, Kenner, and the vintage toy lines with high quality photographs of some rare items.

This polo shirt is perhaps my favorite piece. It's fully embroidered with the POTF logo and made of high quality material. In fact, I bought two of them so I'd have one to wear around.

The caps are a vintage collector's dream -- a black baseball cap with an embroidered POTF logo patch on the front. In fact, there were two variations of this cap, one with a red visor edge and one with a white visor edge, both complementing the logo (of course, I bought both styles).

There's even a crew version of the convention cap which differs from the others by having the POTF logo directly embroidered (instead of a patch) and "CREW" embroidered on the back.

The crew/staff members also received this attractive T Shirt with the POTF logo across the front, the Star Wars Mexican fan club logo on the sleeve and "STAFF" denoted on the back. There were also a regular convention t shirt (not pictured).

That's it for official convention exclusive items, but I wanted to throw in some very cool unofficial items I also picked up at the convention such as this set of six Simpson Star Wars parody statues: Homer as Chewie, C-3P0, Vader, and Stormtrooper, Bart as Darth Maul (my favorite!), and Grandpa as Yoda. These statues were sold by a dealer at the convention who sold out most varieties for the show even officially started!

This ESB Lili Ledy T Shirt was made by Luis Villagomez to honor the Lili Ledy Empire Strikes Back toy line. The front features the ESB Ledy logo and the back of each shirt is personalized with the Lili Ledy brand logo. Luis gave these magnificent shirts to various friends at the convention. One of my favorite Star Wars t shirts ever.

The "Primera Convencion de Coleccionistas" was one of the best Star Wars cons ever put on and the credit for the high quality retro-vintage collectibles goes to Julio Moreno, President of the Mexican Star Wars Fan Club, who organized this event. These items will undoubtedly become popular with vintage collectors drawn to the vintage Kenner Power of the Force logo.

Description: Gus Lopez
Photo: Gus Lopez
From the collection of Gus Lopez