Gary Kurtz's Star Wars Scrapbook: Gary Kurtz, the producer of Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, kept meticulous information on critics, fans, and the entertainment community after the release of Star Wars in 1977. This scrapbook consists of his newspaper and magazine clippings, photos, ads, and programs, that chronicle the event that shook the world. The articles have a heavy emphasis on the cast and crew, tracing the emerging careers of the stars and people behind the scenes covered in major newspapers around the world, Variety and other showbiz publications, and popular magazines.

If there's one thing that is apparent from this album, it's that Gary Kurtz was a big fan of Star Wars. Every single clipping is carefully trimmed and mounted with the name of the publication and the date at the top.

The first page of this album begins with stories covering the Carrie Fisher as a rising star, daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, who made her debut in Shampoo at the age of 16.

Darth Vader, C-3P0, and R2-D2 are immortalized at Mann's Chinese Theater by leaving their footprints in cement. Those castings are still on display at the theater today. Other articles cover the growing attention on Mark Hamill and Star Wars fandom in general.

Starting a tradition that is still in place today between the directors of the box office champion films, Steven Spielberg congratulates George Lucas for topping Jaws in all-time box office receipts. This tribute appeared in Daily Variety and shows R2-D2 fishing for Jaws. Similar tributes would appear in later years when ET topped Star Wars, Star Wars topped ET, and Titanic topped Star Wars.

A fascinating look at the impact of high technology on movie making in Hollywood. George Lucas would forever change movie making technology, and this effect is still sending shock waves today.

An ad congratulating Star Wars on 10 Academy Award nominations.

Star Wars, winner of 7 Academy Awards.

This is the coolest section of Gary Kurtz's scrapbook. It consists of an original program of the 50th Annual Academy Awards along with professionally made 5x7 photos of the Star Wars Oscar winners and presenters.

The 50th annual Academy Awards program. Many Star Wars cast members are among the presenters. Photos showing C-3P0, Mark Hamill, and R2-D2 presenting Oscars.

Various Oscar winners among the Star Wars crew. Chewbacca and a stormtrooper would also make cameos on stage.

A year after Star Wars premiered, Kenner finally caught up to demand and issued the legendary Star Wars action figure line. This article covers the Star Wars toy phenomenon, perhaps the most significant effect of Star Wars on the movie industry.

A profile on Gary Kurtz...not a surprise to see this here.

One year after Star Wars was released in theaters, this ad appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country. The movie was still playing in some theaters an entire year later. This ad shows the 1st anniverary "Birthday Cake" poster which is one of the most sought-after Star Wars posters to collectors.

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