Clarks Star Wars and Boba Fett Sneakers: I just love the Clarks Sneakers; the graphics on the boxes are really sharp, and the designs of the sneakers themselves are often just too tacky not to love. The sneakers were originally released in Star Wars boxes, but they were later updated to incorporate The Empire Strikes Back logo on their lids. In my experience, the ESB boxes are pretty tough finds, and its refreshing to see one. That bright yellow logo is quite distinctive.

Although these sneakers were produced in several different styles, it goes without saying that the Boba Fett model is the very coolest of them all. Even though the white image of Fett's helmet on the sneakers' sides is a little underwhelming, they're still hella nifty, if you ask me.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Erik Janniche
From the collection of Erik Janniche