Early Luke Bespin Micro Figure, Clear Plastic: These oddly-detailed prototypes of a dueling Luke in his Bespin outfit were the first production tests for Kenner's Micro Collection line. They were created to gauge the effectiveness of the proposed developmental process, and, judging from the numbers in which the metal versions have surfaced, quite a few of them were made and sent back to Kenner. At left you see a version of the figure recently unearthed by collector Ed Albano (who is from New York). It's made entirely of clear plastic, which, as Archive co-editor Chris Georgoulias knows, is pretty fragile. Since plastic first shots are known to have been made from the Micro production molds prior to the creation of metal figures, it's a good bet that these plastic versions represent some of the very first Micro Collection figures to be injection molded from a production mold. Pretty cool.

The figure you see to the immediate right of the clear one is a painted example of the metal version of this figure.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of Ron Salvatore