Han Solo 4-Up Paint Master and 1:1 Prototypes: Man, this is a nice series of prototype figures. The piece at the right, of course, is the 4-Up hardcopy paint master; the leftmost figure is a handpainted 1:1 production figure; the gray and white figure is an early sample of the production painting process; and the rightmost small figure is a gold-colored test shot, of a type that turns up every now and then. One interesting thing to note is that both the 4-up and the handpaintd 1:1 figure have the area between the figure's legs and under the overhanging coat painted the same color as the legs, while the gray/white sample (as well as the figure released to stores) does not.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Garry Pedersen
From the collection of Garry Pedersen