Bespin Torture Chamber Package Photo: This shot of the back of the unproduced Bespin Torture Chamber playset, probably would have been utilized on some part of that playset's box had it made it into full-scale production. As it stands, its a tantilizing look at what might have been had the Micro Collection's 1983 line additions been realized.

As you can see, some of the playset's features are discernible here, including the lower prisoner hold, and the electrical device up top, in which the included Han figure could be "tortured" mercilessly (or, as the photo shows, menaced by an Ugnaught weilding a disembodied droid's leg).

At least one example each of this set and its companion, the Hoth Bacta Chamber, was produced in full-production form, for use in packaging photos like this one, and at retailer demonstrations such as Toy Fair. This is far from a conceptual stage, and is by no means any hand made mock-up. Its a fully-conceived toy, and appears here much as it would have in toy stores around the country had production not been halted. Due to the considerable lead-in time required to create production tooling, such a head start on Kenner's end would have been necessary in order to have this thing, as well as the figures that went with it, ready to roll for their upcoming product line. As it turned out, however, retailer orders weren't great enough to warrant going ahead with production, and today we're left only with prototypes and photos like these to attest to the fact that these toys were created.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Kenner
From Kenner File Photography