Original Wax Sculpting for Unproduced Luke Dagobah Figure: This is yet another piece of material relating to the unproduced Micro Collection Dagobah playset; and, truthfully, it's one of the nicest Micro sculpts I've had the pleasure of seeing. Obviously, the figure was meant to represent Luke in the midst of his Jedi training. The sculpt captures the character as he's seen in The Empire Strikes Back, standing on his head and attempting to levitate several doo-dads.

Here's a closeup of the face. You can also see the base, which was sculpted with the standard Dagobah terrain details.

The boots. Nice detail.

The Micro figures were made with a real attention to poses assumed by the various characters within the films. Looking at the Dagobah figures, one can really get a sense of how the pieces were meant to work together. For instance, this Luke would have fit in quite well with the pointing Yoda figure that has surfaced.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of Rob Amantea