Las Vegas Store Display Auction: A few years ago, the inventory of a small, privately-owned toy store was auctioned off in Las Vegas. The event was publicized in Toy Shop, and, as you can see, the offerings were fairly major, both in terms of quantity and the quality of the items present. Nearly all Kenner store displays ever issued were available, as well as tons of mint boxed toys and action figures. Some of these displays are just never seen, and, personally, I had believed that some of them were never actually produced, having been merely shown in Kenner catalogs and later altered or dropped from the line altogether.

The above picture showcases, in particular, the long "Get a Free Boba Fett" header and the Inflatable Lightsaber header card, neither of which I had seen photographic evidence of prior to being shown these pictures. Also included are two other pretty rare displays, the "Collect All 32" action figure hanger, and the Empire Strikes Back version of the Force Lightsaber display, as well as the more common 12 action figure hanger, vacu-formed Yoda display, and Empire Strikes Back shelf talker.

This second photo shows the super-rare display for the 3-Position Laser Rifle and Laser Pistol, along with the Die-Cast vehicle bin and header and a really nice boxed X-Wing Aces target game.

Here, you can just barely make out the large bin for the plush Chewbacca (which is another really tough piece to come by), the more common bin/header assembly for the Plush Artoo-Detoo, and, again, the Die Cast bin. There are a few crates of old Kenner catalogs tucked in there as well.

Saving the best for last, this photo shows what has to be one of the most desirable displays Kenner ever issued, the large, die-cut "Toy Center" header, which, if not for this photo, I would still swear was never produced. Its alongside another incredible piece--the display for the Electronic Battle Command game--which is really interesting because it features a demonstration model of the game built right into it. Oh yeah, and don't forget those 12 and 20-back bin/header displays and the 12-back long header card that are visible in there too.

I swear, this is what I dream about at night.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Todd Chamberlain
From the collection of Anonymous