Kenner "Collect All 21" Long Header Card Store Display: Until recently, the only long header card displays thought to have been released by Kenner were the "Collect All 12" and "Get a Free Boba Fett" versions, two pieces that have always been very rare. But now a third version of this type of store display has surfaced. This one features the "Collect All 21" slogan and bears several graphical similarities to the relatively common "Collect All 21" bell sign.

As a store display collector, I can tell you that the existence of this display came as quite a surprise. All the more so since this display is featured in no Kenner catalog that I or anyone I know has ever laid eyes on. Anyway, it's great to see something like this turn up out of the blue. A pair of these displays turned up together, and at this point they're two of a kind.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Todd Chamberlain
From the collection of Todd Chamberlain