Kenner "Merchandisers and Displays" Catalog Page: When we look at and collect these displays, we tend to think of them out of context, as "collectibles," and forget that they originally had a practical use in stores across the country. From a look at this page taken from an early Kenner catalog, I think one can get a better sense of the ways in which these displays were available to retailers and how they were ulitimately put to use. It outlines the different assortments available at the time and shows the various selling aids they came with. The displays included are those that were available for the first 12 figure assortments - the 12-back header and bin assembly ("48 pc Pre-pack Merchandiser"), 12 figure hanging "bell" sign ("Hang/Pole Display")and the 12-back long header card (144 pc Shelf-Merchandiser). As you can see, the bell sign could be used in a number of ways - it could be hung, raised off the floor on a metal rod, or attached to the top of a larger "floor merchandiser." The first shelf talker - the "Toy Galaxy" version - was also featured with most of these assortments.

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Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Kenner file photography
From the collection of Ron Salvatore