Kenner Inflatable Lightsaber Store Display: This is one of the rarest of all Kenner Star Wars store displays. It was issued in 1978, as an advertisment for Kenner's inflatable lightsaber toy. I had at one time thought this piece was never released; although it is shown in Kenner's early catalogs, I had never heard of one actually hitting the market. But then I saw photos of an auction that took place in Las Vegas, which showed this display clearly, and proved conclusively that at least some stores had received it. The piece shown here is the only other example I've seen evidence of.

Graphically speaking, its a somewhat simplistic display. But I just love the bright primary colors, and that red starburst is a real eye-grabber. Although, due to its unique design, it must have been quite easy to damage the thin saber pieces, this example is in surprisingly nice condition.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Will Grief
From the collection of Todd Chamberlain