German Yps Comic Hoth Stormtrooper Figure (3 of 3): Yps is a comic book for kids that includes always a small toy or something else to play with. This is called a Gimmick and comes bagged together with the book in a clear plastic bag. The book nr. 510 included an original Kenner Snowtrooper. This figure was little different to most of the other Kenner Snowtroopers. The legs of these figures are more straddled and the holes in the cape are cut different. Most of the holes of the usual figure's capes are two little round holes with a straight cut between them. In the Yps figure's cape there is only one a bit larger round hole at each side. But the main difference was the weapon. Included was not the usual blue Kenner Snowtrooper (Dengar) rifle but a non SW black rifle. This could be a GI Joe weapon. (I heard from people that also the usual weapon was included sometime.) This weapon is shown in the weapons picture in the archive. Most people do not know about these variations and sell or buy the book in a resealed bag with a usual Kenner Snowtrooper w/ blue rifle. These books are quite rare. I have myself only the front and back pages of the comic.

Description: Wolfgang Schloegl
Photo: Wolfgang Schloegl
From the collection of Wolfgang Schloegl