Ugnaught From Sears Canada Multi-Pack: Described as "Tusk from Ugnaught" in Sears Canada catalog advertisements, the Ugnaught is one of the very rarest of these odd "shrinkwrapped" figures, which were sold for a short time through Canadian Sears outlets. As these figures were bundled inside a larger multi-figure package, their individual packaging is non-descript, consisting of a black, blank-backed blister card, to which the figures and their accessories are tightly attached under clear plastic. While the catalog entries indicate that a fair number of figures were planned for release with these Canadian multi-packs, only a handful of characters have been found in this style of packaging. I believe the Ugnaught shown here is the only known example of this particular figure.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Jim McCallum
From the collection of Jim McCallum