"Tri-Logo" and Regular Boba Fett Comparison: As it is frequently used, to refer to the color variation found with respect to the vintage Boba Fett figure, the term "Tri-Logo Boba Fett" is something of a misnomer--the figure was not released exclusively on the Tri-Logo backer card, and in fact, the regular version of Fett appears in that packaging with seemingly as great a frequency. There remains quite a bit of confusion in defining the characterstics of the loose figure as well. As you can see from this photo, the disparity in color between the standard (left) and variation (right) versions of the figure is great, a fact which is most noticeable in the much lighter gray of the "Tri-Logo" version to the right. Additionally, the green color of the "Tri-Logo" figure's breastplate is more of an olive tone, while, less noticeably, the yellows and reds of its arm and knee pads are darker and more reddish. Finally, there has been much attention focused on the painted details of the knee pads. As you can see here, the "comb" on the left knee proper of the "Tri-Logo" figure is unpainted, while the same feature is colored yellow on the standard version. Apparently, this feature differs among "Tri-Logo" figures, and not all of the lighter-colored Fetts have unpainted "combs."

Identifying a true "Tri-Logo" Fett can be a risky endeavor for a collector unsure of what he or she is looking for. Collectors should be wary of purchasing a supposed "Tri-Logo" Fett the light gray color of which is the result of nothing more than fading due to exposure to sunlight or general deterioration of the plastic.

This photo was graciously supplied by David Deans, whose site can be found at http://members.aol.com/trilogo/dvstrlgs.html.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: David Deans
From the collection of David Deans