Tri-Logo Cardback with Fold-Out Mini-Catalog: This is an interesting piece, and one that is rarely seen. That rectangular area you see on the back, which bears a few small illustrations, is actually a type of mini-catalog, which is capable of folding down to reveal additional information on the interior. As you can see, several toys are illustrated on the exterior in a few understated colors. Oddly, while some late ROTJ toys are shown, such as the Biker Scout laser pistol, the survival pack of weapons and backpacks is also shown, which was an ESB mailaway in the States. Apparently, these were released in Holland, as part of a promotion run by Dutch toy licensee, Clipper. As Clipper wasn't producing their own figures by that point in time (they had for their earlier Star Wars series of figures), they seem to have simply stuck the catalogs on any figures that were available to them for distribution. This catalog has also been found affixed to American-style blister cards that found their way to Europe.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of Ron Salvatore