Takara Die-Cast R2-D2 Slide Viewer: Another highly detailed piece from Takara. Made of die-cast metal, this is surely one of the nicest R2s anywhere. Inside is a rotating slide viewer (much like a monoscopic ViewMaster) with views of various scenes from A New Hope. I guess this feature suggested itself to the folks at Takara due to R2 having projected the image Princess Leia while in Ben Kenobi's hovel.


But the fun of this toy doesn't end with the viewer; it also has a hatch in its back, which folds down to reveal an imposing double-barrelled rocker launcher! Those Japanese folks sure do love their missiles.

This last shows all the items that come inside the box. There are some stickers, meant to be affixed to the toy, a plastic stand, and several red missiles.

Description: Rob Godwin & Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of Rob Godwin