Takara Die Cast C-3P0: You have to admit, there was something about C-3PO, the overly-polite golden protocol droid, that made you want to see him kick ass. Well, if you share this sentiment then you absolutely need Takara's die-cast rendition of the big priss.

The figure came packaged in a nice cardboard box that was printed with some pretty attractive graphics. Inside was a styrofoam insert which held not only the figure, but a stand and some black projectiles as well. Projectiles you say? Yep. This being an ass-kicking C-3PO, he fires missiles out of his abdomen. It's weird, I know. But when you think about it, Takara had a pretty good idea: C-3PO was so boring as a character, he pretty much needed an action feature to liven him up. Many years later Hasbro did a similar thing with their R5-D4 figure, which fired a giant missile of its head.

Here's a close-up of the figure's scary head. Like Takara's 8-inch C-3PO action figure, the eyes on this toy are downright scary; they're red and angry-looking. This photo also gives you an idea of the nice gold finish that was used on this toy, as well as the joints which it featured at its elbows.

Takara also produced a die-cast Darth Vader figure.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Rob Godwin
From the collection of Rob Godwin