German Ad Sheet showing Early Bird Kit and Krieg der Sterne Carded Figure: This is an interesting set of flyers as it shows a couple of German Krieg Der Sterne products that are as of yet not known to exist. This sheets shows a 12-back figure display with the German Krieg Der Sterne logo.

Note the carded Krieg Der Sterne Stormtrooper on the right side of the display. Germany store displays from this era have surfaced but all original vintage figures old in Germany were on Kenner US cards.

The other sheet shows a fairly unusual product (no, not the vinyl cape Jawa): a German version of the Early Bird Display stand. It's unknown whether this item was ever produced in Germany similar to the legendary toy sold by Kenner in late 1977.

Description: Gus Lopez
Photo: Fernando Puerto
From the collection of Fernando Puerto