Palitoy Cantina Playset With Figure Special Offer: While many collectors are familiar with the American and Canadian versions of Kenner toys that came packaged with free figures, many are not aware that English licensee Palitoy also made available at least one "Special Offer" toy. In a move that was perhaps inspired by the Cantina Adventure set issued by Sears in The U.S., this Palitoy version of Kenner's Cantina playset (which, incidentally, is a good deal different than the American release) came bundeled with 4 figures. As was the case with the Sears version, these were Snaggletooth (the later red version), Hammerhead, Walrus Man, and Greedo, who here is referred to as "Green Greedo" for some inexplicable reason.

The sticker on this piece is distinctly different from the nifty yellow examples used on for Special Offer items in the States.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Matt Lake
From the collection of Matt Lake