French Meccano ROTJ Yoda: While the type of Meccano blister card that most collectors are familiar with is the small, squarish type on which most of the company's Star Wars and all of its ESB figure product was released, the first Meccano blister card was actually identical in size to the American-style cards used in most countries. However, Meccano also switched back to the larger card format for their ROTJ figure line, to which this Yoda belongs. In order to save money in production, they seem to have used a standardized bubble. In other words, they used the same bubble for every figure, regardless of the figure's size. As you can see, poor Yoda looks pretty lost within this cavernous bubble!

The back features 65 figures and, predictably, French text.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Jason Jeffers
From the collection of Jason Jeffers