Trilogo POTF Hoth Rescue Playpack: Personally I think this is the most interesting of these playpacks because it included both a Hoth Wampa and a Tauntaun as well as Han-Hoth and Luke-Hoth figures. Or maybe it's just because I really don't like Ewoks. Anyway, this is one of 3 playsets that was exclusively a foreign release. The Tri-POTF logo is pretty unique as well. These playpacks did not include any items that were previously unavailable and without the box they're just a few loose toys. They were an easy way to sell a big item or two and some action figures all in one shot. The figures were on Trilogo cards and were folded in half so that they would fit in the box.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Steve Hoffmann
From the collection of Steve Hoffmann