French ROTJ 3-Pack: Multi-pack afficianados will probably get a kick out of this. If they're like me, they've never seen one quite like it before. Obviously, it's French, and it includes a pretty nifty French variation on the ROTJ logo. The packaging appears to consist of nothing more than a folded piece of cardboard, which holds the three carded figures together at their tops. In this respect it is quite similar to the Tri-Logo 4-packs that were distributed in several European countries during the mid '80s.

French collector Stephane Faucourt provides us with more information about these three packs: "This pack is part of a series of three 3-packs that were released in France to get rid off all unsold ROTJ merchandise and they were just released before the POTF wave on Trilogo. These packs are pictures in vintage retailer catalogs from either 1983 or 1984. There were 3 different packs and each pack contained the very same characters (it was not a random selection). The pack you are seeing here on the SWCA is one of the harder to find of the three. These are all very rare in France for mainly two reasons: first, it was a promotional offer and because of the free figure it was probably well-sold, and second, when SW collecting started again, most collectors or stores would remove the flap to sell the figures separately."

Check out Stephane's excellent web site by clicking here.

Description: Ron Salvatore and Stephane Faucourt
Photo: Matt Lake
From the collection of Matt Lake