ESB Meccano Yoda Blister Card: Aside from the ubiquitous Jawa, Star Wars examples of French Meccano figures are seen only infrequently; ESB examples, however, are almost unheard of. As you can see from this image of the Yoda blister, the ESB card differs from its SW predecessor, both in its employment of a new logo (which reads "L'Empire Contre-Attaque") and in the presence of a nifty new Meccano symbol in the lower right corner.

The back of the card shows the range of SW and ESB figures then available, as well as some dolls and other toys. Its interesting to note, however, that only one of the toys--the Hoth-themed Imperial Attack Base--dates from the ESB era, the others being hold-overs from the SW line. Sharp eyes will also notice that the image meant to represent the 12" Stormtrooper figure is actually a cleverly-photographed example of the 33/4" toy.

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Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Stephane Faucourt
From the collection of Stephane Faucourt