Dutch Clipper ROTJ Chief Chirpa, w/ Mail-Away Sticker: Dutch toy licensee Clipper ran quite an extensive promotional campaign in conjuction with their ROTJ line. As is evident from the sticker on this Chief Chirpa (which is on a Palitoy-issue blister card), the promotion encompassed several premiums, which were made available to customers through the mail in exchange for proofs of purchase. On the front of the card, you'll notice the sticker, which served as a notice of the promotion. The bulk of this sticker was actually applied to the back of the blister card; the bit you see on the front wraps around to a larger portion on the reverse side.

Here you see the back and the rest of the sticker. Its neat, primarily because it features some black and white line art representing the mail-away items. It also lists what exactly was available, along with the amount of POPs required to receive each item. The then-newish Admiral Ackbar and Nein Nunb figures were available, much as they were in the States, as well as the ever-popular Darth Vader carrying case and Chewbacca Bandolier Strap.

Small catalogs also appear to have been used to promote this Clipper mail-away offer, these having been attached to the backs of carded figures that found their way into Dutch distribution.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of Ron Salvatore