Dutch 41-Back w/ Free Boba Fett Offer: Virtually every American collector is familiar with Kenner's 1979 promotion involving the Boba Fett action figure. But how many know that Boba Fett was also the subject of a mail-away offer in the Netherlands? The offer came from toy licensee, Clipper, and was centered around their line of toys for the second Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back. At the time (1981), the figures Clipper was marketing were primarily of American manufacture. They simply updated the English-language blister cards with stickers. The American 41-back shown here has been amended with a sticker trumpeting the debut of the Fett figure and providing instructions (in both Dutch and French) on how kids could go about sending away for it. Apparently, in order to receive your Boba Fett, you had to deface your blister cards by clipping the small nameplates out of their fronts and mailing them in.

Here you see a second, rarer version of the sticker. Its a bit larger and the text is entirely in Dutch.

These cardback variations are very rarely seen, and are considered quite desireable. I really like the graphics of this Fett sticker. The line art is kind of quirky, but its attractive.

Dylan has many Dutch Star Wars items pictured on his web site, which is located at: http://home-3.worldonline.nl/~rencor/.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Dylan Abram
From the collection of Dylan Abram