Dutch Clipper ESB 45-Back Bespin Guard: This is a Dutch-issue Bespin Security Guard figure, which has been packaged on a unique 45-Back blister card. It was likely produced by the Palitoy company of England, for distribution in Holland by Clipper. Above you see the front of the card. Notice the lack of the Kenner logo, the enlarged black area surrounding the ESB logo, and the white text area in the upper left corner, which served as an advertisement for a Clipper Toys mail-away offer.

Here's the back. Not much to say about it. That large white rectangle appears to give details about participating in the premium program.

These ESB Clipper figures are pretty rare; I've seen very few over the time I've been collecting.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Jason Jeffers
From the collection of Jason Jeffers