Creature Cantina/Yoda Canadian Special Offer: Foreign exclusives and special offers, many of them differing from those seen in the U.S., remain a collecting gray-area in the minds of most stateside collectors. New information, however, is constantly coming to light. This Yoda offer, for instance, added to the front of the Creature Cantina playset, was available only in Canada, as a special item sold through the Sears Wishbook. It would have been a late release for this particular Star Wars playset, which would have coincided with the first appearance of Yoda on a Canadian blister card. Apparently, the playset also featured an 8 x 10 photo of Yoda, identical to the one you see in the offer, as well as the standard Yoda figure. The Wishbook descriptive text, accompanying the catalog photos shown below, reads: "Yoda and Creature Cantina. This replica of the fascinating character, Yoda, makes the new movie come alive in your own home! Creature Cantina with 2 battle action levers. Plastic. Includes 8x10" photo of Yoda."

Sears Canada was the source of several such figure/playset offers, including a Landspeeder that came with a Luke figure and a Kenner Canada version of the "cardboard" Death Star which had two stormtroopers bundled with it. Though these sets were primarily offered through the Wishbook, some did make it onto the shelves of retail Sears outlets.

Description: Barry Tomlinson, Scott Bradley and Ron Salvatore
Photos: Barry Tomlinson and Scott Bradley
From the collections of Barry Tomlinson and Scott Bradley