Sears Canada Multipack Back: This rarity is about 22" long and is the back of the box of the multipacks available only through Sears Canada at the time. It has the Kenner logo down in the bottom right corner (cut off in picture) and has the Empire logo only in French. The figure assortments are quite unusual until you notice that they correspond to the multipacks offered in the 1980 Christmas Catalog. Each set of figures included an exclusive (for the time) and those particular figures are at the very right of each group shown. The playsets and accessories were some of the standard items also offered that year. It is clearly an unusual counter display which I purchased a couple of years ago from a lady at a flea-market who was using it to identify figures!

Description: Robert Godwin and Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Robert Godwin
From the collection of Robert Godwin