Canadian 20-Back with Boba Fett Offer: The Canadian version of the 20-back blister card was much like its American counterpart: a "free Boba Fett" offer on the front and a rocket-firing demonstration image on the reverse. Here you see the front of one of these Canadian blister cards. Unfortunately, it's not in great shape, but you can clearly see the circular offer. It's notable for including the French translation of "free": gratuit. Also notice the black rectangle just below the Kenner logo. It includes the address of Kenner Canada's headquarters.

Here you see the reverse of the same blister card. This is super cool for, whereas the U.S. 20-back can be found with several variations with respect to the Fett image on its back (click herefor examples), the sticker you see here--showing the production Fett figure on a yellow background--is unique to Kenner Canada cards.

Here you see a closeup of what's under that sticker. It's basically just like the U.S. rocket-firing demonstration image, with the exception of the French text that's present in the upper right corner.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of Ron Salvatore