Canadian Sears Exclusive 7-Pack of Figures: Although it's a bummer that it's a little beaten up, this 7-pack box is a great piece of foreign figure-related merchandise. These boxes were sold in retail stores with 7 carded figures inside of them. Where the piece really becomes interesting is when it is considered that each of these packs included one of the infamous "shrink-wrapped" figures distributed exclusively by Sears Canada in the early '80s. At the time, these figures were newly-released and, in Canada, exclusive to Sears. All are quite rare, but General Veers is certainly the most famous example.

Here's a shot of the piece filled with carded figures. They aren't original to the 7-pack box. I just love the graphics on this thing-- quite striking.

Finally, here's the back. Another shot of it can be seen here. It shows all the figure combinations that were available in this format.

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Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ross Nitkin
From the collection of Ross Nitkin