Canadian/Australian Landspeeders: While scanning Gus' Web site I came across the Toltoys Landspeeder which apparently had the dark-red stripes applied as stickers. Although I have no doubt that this was probably the way it appeared in Australia I was pretty sure I had several which I had bought in Canada. Sure enough I have three different versions as well as the painted striped US version. The one on the left of the picture has no stripes (stickers presumably lost) but the fenders are manufactured and cast from silver plastic. I have another one which looks almost identical (the difference wouldn't show up in a picture) which has the fenders made of brown plastic that have then been painted silver. Finally the one on the right has the fenders Vacuum Chrome Plated. All three use stickers instead of paint for the red-stripes and all three were purchased in Canada.

Description: Robert Godwin
Photo: Robert Godwin
From the collection of Robert Godwin