Australian 65-Back IG-88 with Nein Nunb Offer: "Big deal," you're thinking, "an IG-88 ROTJ 48-Back." While from the front, this doesn't look too special, the interesting aspects of this figure are revealed when one turns it over.

Whereas, in the States, all ROTJ blister cards bearing the Nein Nunb mail-away offer were 48-Backs, Australian markets appear to have seen the release of a 65-Back version of this same blister card. Here you see the reverse of the above-pictured IG-88 piece, and, as you can see, it has the Nein Nunb offer details printed at its base.

Here you see a detail of the mail-away information, which clearly shows the mailing address to be in New South Wales.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ross Nitkin
From the collection of Ross Nitkin