Miscellaneous Food Items
Maintained by Gus Lopez (gus@theswca.com)

A wide array of food licensees around the world produced Star Wars food products throught the time of the original trilogy and continue to do so to this day for the prequels. Older food items can be difficult to track down but represent a unique and enjoyable area of collecting.

 Star Wars
o Wonder Bread SW Cards (Alex Wai)
o Canadian Coca-Cola Bottle 6-Pack (Gus Lopez)
o Japanese Coca-Cola Poster (Gus Lopez)

 Empire Strikes Back
o General Foods ESB Stickers [New Zealand] (Alex Wai)
o York ESB Cards [Canada] (Alex Wai)

 Droids and Ewoks
o Dairylea Cheese Box [England] (Gus Lopez)
o Dairylea Cheese Droids and Ewoks Videos [England] (Gerald Edwards)

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