MOC Figures: Protocol Droid and Tatooine Stormtrooper: I think these photos were significantly enlarged to get these cards to work out. I believe they're both from an old Topps trading cards. I've blown up these cards in order to make POTF figures and the image was beginning to get pretty grainy. These photos are at least twice that size and just mean very bad resolution. Notice here the omission of the nameplates. They're hard to do without a word processing program and a laser printer, nevermind trying to get the silver borders on them. Of course the droid is a painted C-3PO figure and the Stormtrooper has been properly modified as well. I just wish he had removed that WalMart price tag when he made all of these figures. It would have been really easy and made them look much better. Though I don't mean to downplay these custom jobs at all, they really are nice. It's just that when you've messed around with making them you notice alot of details.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Gus Lopez
Artwork: Unknown
From the photo collection of Gus Lopez