Revenge of the Jedi Rebel Trooper: Revenge of the Jedi Rebel Trooper: This custom carded figure came straight from Tennessee. The card is a modified Revenge of the Jedi one and the photo is from a Topps Wide Vision card. The thing that drew me to this figure in the first place was that unforgettable photo of Vader choking the life out of the soldier. The nameplate says "Rebel Trooper" and is located at the bottom of the photo where the Kenner logo usually resides. The figure is not poseable and is cast as one solid piece, including the gun, out of resin. It was then handpainted and packaged with the card in a bubble that is quite a bit deeper than a standard figure bubble. The cardback is solid white. I still love that photo though.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Chris Georgoulias
Artwork: John Caldwell
From the collection of Chris Georgoulias