Custom "Kitbashed" Boba Fett Figure: This is a custom figure based on the original "kitbashed" prototype for the Boba Fett figure. The prototype, which was featured on the backs of most 20-back Star Wars blister cards, was comprised of parts culled from existing figures--Death Squad Commander (legs), Stormtrooper (arms), and C3PO (torso)--along with an originally-created head and scratchbuilt armor. Faced with this realization, it was fairly easy for me to make my own version of the figure.

As an added embellishment, I decided to fool around with a package for the figure, and came up with the blister card you see here. I pasted together the graphics on the front and back of the card using images copied from an obscure retailer catalog outlining the details of the infamous Fett mail away promotion.

Description: Ron Salvatore
Photo: Ron Salvatore
From the collection of Richard Cox