Endor Customs: At front is a black-furred Ewok, repainted from Lumat, who helped Chewbacca capture the AT-ST.

Behind the Ewok is Princess Leia with a "weave" of brown thread, made by glueing strands of that same brown shoelace again onto a poncho Leia.

At midde is a particular Rebel Commando who can be glimpsed at the briefing and outside the bunker, especially in widescreen videos. He is only repainted.

In the rear is a bearded Rebel Commando, the blond individual who will later...don the captured Biker Scout's armor outside the bunker. The Commando outfit is another repainted Rebel Commando, with a spare poncho. The Biker Scout outfit is a Stormtrooper Luke Head on a Kenner Scout Trooper body. The Scout's head/helmet is hollowed out and will actually fit over the bearded head. [The Rebel can be seen helmetless among the captured commandos, and can later be glimpsed dead in a matte painting, perhaps killed by mistake by the Ewoks due to his camouflage?]

Description: Alex Newborn
Photo: Alex Newborn
Artwork: Alex Newborn
From the collection of Alex Newborn