Cantina Sub-Group A In the front we have Kabe, Chadra-Fan, made from an Ugnaught. At left are Brea and Senni Tannika, originally a pair of Bespin Leias. At center are Wuher/Cedo Partu, the bartender, once a Rancor Keeper. The tunic is from Yoda. (Not visible here are his exactly-painted rings on both hands.)

Behind the barkeep, on the left, we have two Bith Bandmembers. Their bodies are formerly Squid Heads, their arms are from G.I. Joes, and their basic heads came from two Nien Nunbs. One is borrowing Droopy McCool's flute.

Rear-most we have Labria the Devaronian, once a Lobot. His cloak is from a Squid Head.

At far right is Muftak the Talz. The jointed body is G.I. Joe with various felt and craft-bead appliques.

Description: Alex Newborn
Photo: Alex Newborn
Artwork: Alex Newborn
From the collection of Alex Newborn