Custom Figures: Royal Guard, Imperial Gunner, Tusken Raider, Zuckuss, and Carded Figures: These 12" dolls were made by Gator Thompson, a talented and generally all-around good guy who loves to trade SW, but that's another subject. Gator sculpted his own heads for all of them and then made a mold and resin-cast each copy. The body of the Zuckuss is from a large C-3PO while the rest were made using Hall of Fame G.I. Joes. His wife made the clothing for the Emperor's Royal Guard and the Tusken Raider. The Imperial Gunner's clothing is another G.I. Joe item. Gator had a mold made from the small gun for the 12" IG-88 and here the Gunner is using a resin copy of one. The Gaffi stick for the Tusken Raider is made from wood. The staff for the Royal Guard is made of wood also. Below these you can see a few custom carded POTF figures in my collection. I made the Rocketfetts and a guy named Todd S. made the Biggs and Blue Snaggletooth.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Chris Georgoulias
Artwork: Gator Thompson and Chris Georgoulias
From the collection of Chris Georgoulias