MOC Figures: Cantina Band Member and Luke Ceremonial Outfit: It's pretty unusual that this guy decided to include the special offer on the front of one card. It makes it look almost authentic. Photos are from the Star Wars storybook. Luke's photo is on the other half of the photo used for the General Dodonna figure. Still, no nameplates. I have no idea what any of the figure parts are on these other than it looks like he used a Luke Bespin head. The Cantina Band Member's head is obviously made from scratch, though I would be interested to know if this is from a master mold or if he made each one individually. My guess is that he molded them for semi-mass production. I still think he made a bad move by leaving those Wal-Mart stickers on his card masters.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Gus Lopez
Artwork: Unknown
From the photo collection of Gus Lopez