Boushh: Yes, A 12" Leia is really under there. The helmet is sculpted out of super sculpty clay and hand painted, a strip of cloth was glued around the inside of the helmet to help hide Leia's neck and her "big hair". A mold is being worked on presently. The outfit is a layer of different materials starting with black pants, painted HOF GI Joe boots, and a fake brown leather jacket. From there a trip to the auto store was required for plastic black tubing for the lower part of the chest armor and around the forarms. The chest/shoulder armor is section from a HOF Joe called Snake Eyes. The piece had to be cut down but a band locks it under Leias arms and holds the jacket closed. One belt is from a 12" Boba Fett and the other is hand made from ribbon, a GI Joe knife sheath, and a GI Joe bullet holder which was painted black in the center then slid partway into the sheath and glued down. Some strange bottle I found was used for Boushh's air supply and attached to the back ribbon. The cape and waist band are hand sewn from old clothing. The cape fits under the bullet belt. The thermal detonator is a ballbearing held on by double sided tape. A staff/weapon is being constructed out of wood and is not completed.

Description: Mary Rathke
Photo: Mary Rathke
Artwork: Mary Rathke
From the collection of Mary Rathke