George in the Archives: I'm the first one to admit it...I have too much spare time on my hands. If this looks familiar, it's a miniature recreation of the 1983 publicity shot of Lucas (which was used as the box-cover for the "Making of a Saga" tape in the letterboxed Trilogy set). Micro Machines, POTF2 figures, vehicles from the MPC Hoth dioramas, and a West End Games Gamorrean Guard miniature to complement my by-now-familiar custom George Lucas figure (formerly, a G.I. Joe cutter). I tried this with both a Micro Marchine Deathstar II and a paper cut-out from the back of a Galaxy card. The latter came out best.

Description: Alex Newborn
Photo: Alex Newborn
Artwork: Alex Newborn
From the collection of Alex Newborn