POTF Interpreter Droid (Unfinished): Todd S. wasn't the only guy to think of this figure. As you can see elsewhere in this section another person came up with the same figure on an ESB card. It's a repainted C-3PO figure of course. I'm not sure what the photo came from. He used an Ewok coin here but a Droids coin would probably be better suited (though quite a bit more expensive). He called it Interpreter Droid (3PO Series) but for some reason he had to reopen this thing as you can tell from the shifted bubble. The bubble is again from a B-Wing Pilot figure as many of these custom things are. The BWP bubbles are cheap to get and fit most figures nicely.

Description: Chris Georgoulias
Photo: Chris Georgoulias
Artwork: Todd S.
From the photo collection of Chris Georgoulias